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Amazing social media Tricks and facts in 2019

Today generation use many websites and apps for their entertainment and also for other Purpose There are many apps and websites Instagram, Facebook, Sanpchat, etc This Apps entertain you and also help you to make a friend like “ME” LoL. Now we Today share  Some Tricks and Facts Of Instagram and Facebook so without wasting time let’s get started.

1) Instagram

  • If you never miss a post of your favorite celebrity and friends then can Turn On Post Notifications If you want to Turn On Post Notification Follow The Step –
  1. Go to the profile of which you want to Turn On Post Notifications.
  2. Click On The Vertical 3 dots and Here You See The Option.
  •  If you want to add some special font on your bio then you can download fancy Key Application From Keyboard. This App helps you to add special and colorful font on your bio.
  • You can manage many Instagram Account in one App if you want to manage multiple accounts from the same device follow this step –
  1. From your profile, tap the gear icon. To find this icon on an Android device, you’ll first need to tap the three horizontal lines to the top right of your screen.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom and tap “Add Account.”
  3. Add your other account by username and password, and you’re all set.

2) Facebook

  • If you want to apply those setting who can see you Online. This trick helps you to save from your parents during the exam and also from your EX.
  • You can Post The blank message on your wall by knowing these tricks if you want to Post and blank message and shock your friend then follow this step –
  1. Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to your Timeline and Write The simple Text @[0:0: ]
  3. Post these And you see that your status is blank.
  • You can Download Facebook Videos. Yes You can do this if you want to download Videos Form Facebook then follow this step –
  1. First Copy The Link of video Which you want to Download.
  2. Open The Website Facebook Video Downloader
  3. Paste Link here and You can download Video.

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