Mr Awesome
  1. What is Techyhit?
  2. Ans – Techyhit is the website where we share knowledge about technology, Tech and other topics Which help people to grow his knowledge and also share a piece of trending news about all the topics and Hot news. We write on those topics which help you to solve your problem. We also write a post on TikTok, facebook, Instagram if you want to grow your account fast then you read this article on our blog that helps you a lot. your topics and post are not copied and we write all the posts from our mind and do not copy from other websites or posts.

    2. Why our blog is safe?

    Ans – Our blog is safe. we do not want to force the user to give his personal details and do not steal other data. If children use our site he will be safe because many sites force children to give this personal data and sell this data. many users don’t know that Data is Wealth. so keep your data always safe. we always write on the topics and which is helpful for children and also helpful for our visitor. user’s only read the post and comment on these posts and does not share his personal details.